Manuel Werner

About Me

Hi. My name is Manuel, I develop concepts, I write, I direct, I edit and occasionally I also help to produce stuff for other people I like.

I am a specialist in short formats and have directed everything from the big time commercial, to music-videos, branded content, image films, tv-opener and trailer work, tour visuals for bands, 360degrees projections for brands and events, as well as short docs and short films.

Right now I am up and going for longer formats as well.

Over the years I have won an award here and there, like at the NY Festivals, Moebius Awards, Deauville Green Awards, London Advertinsing Festival, Global Media Award, Cannes Corporate Media Award, Spotlight, die Klappe, ITVA as well as the Echo, when it still existed, for best music video.
Some of my work has been showcased in magazines like Shots, IDN, Groove and Electronic Beats and also exhibited, for example in the museum of modern art in Milano.

I have a strong background in editing and post-production, as well in all technical details of filmmaking, even if I try to use them as little as possible and make things look as natural as possible.

At the moment I am working on a feature documentary, a YouTube series, a few feature scripts are in development and a food doc-series that’s fully developed and waiting to be shot.

My main interests apart from all-things film and design are food, cooking, music and DJ culture– that’s mirrored in my work, I guess.

Please get in touch for a full bio, more info, or just a little chat about movies, music, food or the latest set of lenses.

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